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Nerdville is a small ensemble of creative professionals that share a passion for three things:  Storytelling, the Art of Animation and Learning.  They are dedicated to creating beautifully crafted educational short animated subjects with fun and fresh characters that help kids understand tough concepts in visually engaging ways! 
Nerdville was formed by Sean Jimenez and John Aoshima.  Both have over 20 years of experience in the field of animation.  They have been key players on many successful projects such as Fox's Futurama, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, Laika's feature film Kubo and the Two Strings, Disney Television Animation's award winning Gravity Falls and Disney's new DuckTales series!
About the four current shorts: Nerdville's first opportunity!
Nerdville was approached by Scott Schultz of Yo Gabba Gabba fame to develop
4 animated shorts for his new series Rad Planet, created for the Chipotle Company with CAA Marketing.  Nerdville founders Sean and John curated a small ensemble of amazing talents to develop, conceptualize, write, storyboard, score and design the shorts.  Sean and John directed the shorts and Six Point Harness produced the animation.
Nerdville's goal is to continue to create great characters, design elegant visual ways to explain tough educational concepts, and help kids learn!
Watch our Nerdville shorts called Super Mind with the rest of the awesome series RadLands available on itunes:
Let us know what you think!
We had a blast making our shorts with Rad Planet. Here are some pictures from production!
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